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The Mutual Admiration Society
An all new novel

I, Theresa Marie "Tessie" Finley, hereby confess that on the night of October 17th, 1959, instead of keeping my ears to the ground and my eyes peeled for suspicious goings-on in our neighborhood, the way I swore to do on the Holy Bible, I screwed up really bad.

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"Lesley Kagen's latest gem...takes readers on a fabulous adventure to discover whether or not a murder has been committed in the local cemetery. With the hilarious Finley sisters at the helm, nothing can go wrong—or can it? Spunky, fun and entirely charming. Both a mystery and a coming-of-age story that's sure to delight!"
   —Mary Kubica, NYT bestselling author of Don't You Cry

"A captivating tale that is woven together with sharp wit and heartbreaking honesty."
   —Heather Gudenkauf, NYT bestselling author of Missing Pieces